How to take care of a luxury watch?

To some, mechanical watches are lumped in a group, same as paintings, diamonds, and sculptures –old but always have a story behind them.


When these stories rub with the intricate machinery of a mechanical movement, you create memories. These often eclipse the financial aspect of the watch and last generations.


Proper care is necessary too. This keeps the watch working for years and purifies your connection with the timepiece.


The best part? There is nothing revolutionary, and as in a good mechanical watch, 'It's the details that matter.'


Here are some things to take care of a luxury watch.


Watch Cleaning and Service.


It's an essential thing every watch owner must do. With a microfiber cloth, clean your watch to remove any apparent dust. Once a week, this practice will be enough.


For screw-down crowns, use warm water and a brush to clean the watch once every two months. This will tell if anything needs repair in the watch. Also, don't use soap for your watch clearing.


Your watch will also need service after every two to three years. Contact your service professional early if you see something unusual in the movement or exterior of the watch.


Learn About Your Watch.


The knowledge about one's luxury watch is an undervalued thing that impacts the watch's life. This includes learning how to wind, proper date setting, and knowing the water resistance of your watch. We also recommend a thorough read of the manual.


Many people either don't follow these things or unconsciously do wrong. This puts unnecessary strain on the watch, leading to decreased life.


Avoid Mechanical Stress.


You must consider environmental factors to care for a luxury watch properly.


These include contact with chemicals, both corrosive and non-corrosive, extreme temperatures, and shock. The more a watch is kept away from these stimuli, the better it will survive.


In addition, magnetic fields can impact small metal components of the watch. Continuous exposure causes less precise timekeeping and wearing out of the components. Therefore, keep your luxury watch away from speakers and other audio devices.


Proper Watch Storage.


It seems logical to store the watch in the box it came in. However, when the box itself costs a fortune, as with most luxury watches, you don't want to ruin it by overuse.


The original watch boxes can't protect the watch from dust and humidity.


So, you should be aiming for a good watch box. Don't buy a cheap 20$ watch box. Instead, spend money on something exceptional that complements your watch’s quality.


Leather watch rolls are the best option with most luxury watches. It's because they protect the watch from humidity and dust. A good quality leather watch box also lasts a lifetime and grows with the watch.


Being a producer of luxury watch boxes, we have seen people getting the most out of their luxury watch after proper storage.


Extra care when traveling.


You might want to carry some suitable timepieces during business meetings or vacations to make fascinating memories.


As great as it sounds, plenty of things can go wrong. Scratches to the crystal and bracelet damage are the most common. Also, the watch itself could be lost.


To cope with this, you should always have a sound watch storage system. Again, choose a travel-friendly watch box that provides ultimate ruggedness.


Plus, always keep this watch box in your carrying bag and not your luggage bag to avoid losing the watch.


Long Term Watch Care.


On top of the things mentioned above, long-term watch care includes having insurance for the watch. Watch insurance is a must-have for someone who owns a watch as an asset.


However, even for those who consider a luxury watch everyday wear, insurance adds an additional level of security. Plus, you can be more passionate about your watch.

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